Payment Terms


MTV Tours undertakes to provide all services offered subject to the terms and conditions set out herein, which terms and conditions are accepted by the passenger.


Passenger means: individuals, groups, companies or other legal persons using the services offered by MTV Tours, and includes the agents of passengers.
Services means: the provision of accommodation and/or transportation and/or meals as offered by MTV Tours and accepted by the Passenger.


Unless otherwise stated, every price is indicated in Euros and inclusive of VAT, booking, processing, delivery and issuing fees. All our quotes are in Euros (EU€), the quotes for our holiday packages include a general description of the service and detail what is included and what is not included in the price. All the prices and tarifs will be confirmed at the time of the final booking and the payment will be made in Euros (EU€) or US Dollar (US$).


For the purpose of confirmation 20% of the total amount of the tour costs will be wired into our bank account, as soon as you have received our tour contract form. Please send us proof of the bank when you have transferred the deposit to our account. We will inform you as soon as we receive payment.

Credit Card Payments

Unfortunately we cannot accept credit card payments.

Payment Method:

The required deposit can be transferred directly to our bank account. Please note that we expect you to pay for any charges or commissions.

If possible we do prefer the deposit to be paid in Euro or US Dollars (usually convenient for both sides)

Our Bank Details

Name: Madagascar Treasure’s Visit Tour

Address:  Lot IAI 188 Antsahamasina  -Antananarivo 101 MADAGASCAR

Bank code: 00005

Window code: 00009

Account number: 28800340100

Key: 95

IBAN: MG4600005000092880034010095



Childreen ‘s Discount

Children under 12 years are generally granted a reduction of up to 30% off the land tour and 50% off airfare, provided that they are accompanied by at least two full-paying adults and stay in the same room. An extra bed is fully charged as an adult.


Our cancellation penalties apply as soon as we have received the deposit payment. The deposit is completely non-refundable. Cancellations for any reasons whatsoever, including medical reasons, death in the family, strikes, wars, weather, natural disasters, airline default or government travel warnings will not entitle the traveler to any refund in the case of the nonrefundable deposit.


We can purchase your domestic flight ticket depending in your request. Cancellation Penalties can be up to 40% of the cost of the tickets and can take 30days to obtain.


Accommodation is as specified in the itinerary or brochure and is based on two people sharing a twin bed room. The use of specific accommodation is subject to availability. MTV Tours reserves the right to make use of alternative accommodation. This will in no way affect the price of the tour. Single accommodation is in short supply but may be available at extra cost on a first come first served basis


Transportation is in comfortable vehicles, coaches, mini buses or sedan vehicles appropriate to the requirements of the tour. MTV Tours therefore reserves the right to use smaller coaches, mini buses or sedan vehicles on its tours should the number of passengers participating reduces sufficiently to warrant this.


One suitcase and one overnight bag per person are allowed. MTV Tours accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to luggage or personal property from whatsoever causes arising. Passengers are advised to take up adequate insurance cover.


MTV Tours undertakes that:
• Vehicles provided are large enough to accommodate the number of passengers and luggage as is specified in clause 16
• All drivers are licensed in terms of local legislation.
• All vehicles are safe and comply with relevant local safety regulations.


MTV Tours acts only as an agent so accepts no liability for loss or damage clients may suffer. If contractors fail to fulfill their obligations; whether related to travel, flights, sport arrangements, accommodation or other, MTV Tours is not liable.

We shall not be liable for any loss, damage, delay, accident or inconveniences to any person, their property or luggage, including such that may arise through the negligence of their principles unless provision to the contrary there too is made. All clients shall be bound by the rules, regulations and conditions of contract laid down by any carrier on which he/she may travel as a result of reservations made, being free from any liability of any nature arising there from. All participants are highly advised to take out an insurance policy to cover personal accident, medical expenses and lost luggage.


  • Please keep in mind that flexibility and an open mind will greatly contribute to an enjoyable tour.  We are traveling in an underdeveloped country. Tourism in Madagascar is still in its childhood. Regard this as a positive point. The people you will meet are kind and their curiosity is expressed by a smile.
  • Although M TV Tours is going to every measure to run your tour as smoothly as possible, things do not always go according to plan. However, we are convinced that Madagascar will give you in a good sense an experience of a lifetime.
  • We strongly suggest to our entire tourist whilst in Madagascar to not give your email address to people who don’t know you. MTV Tours will not be responsible for any unsolicited emails or any junk mail received from these people.
  • Don’t forget Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the World so we suggest to our tourists to bring small gifts like pens or candy for the children who live in small villages and have no money to buy such things. Giving children money only teaches them to become beggars.


Please remember to obtain travel documents including a valid passport and return flight tickets. It is vital to reconfirm all flights, prior to departure.