Car Rental

Whilst your car hire options in Madagascar are rather limited when compared to more developed countries Madagascar Treasure’s Visit Tours Company could provide you low cost car rental.

Due to the Local Road Conditions you are often required to have a chauffeur as condition of the rental contract. Due to the size of the country and the poor road networks travelling between cities can take longer than you would think.


We chose the appropriate vehicles for the routes and many of our longer tours use 4WD in order to cope easily with road conditions. For the transfers and shorter tours on tarmac roads, we will normally use our air-conditioned Minivans which offer appropriate comfort for the journey.

Please note that while we do have some Air-conditioned 4WD, normally due to the fine dust emanating from the road surface, we are unable to use Air-Conditioned for the long tours on graded roads.

Try a luxurious holiday in Madagascar with a limousine. Ideal for the tailored drive in town, this vehicle is a picture of the comforts in its minute detail. Available if booked beforehand or at your arrival, the limousine is large enough for families and remains a sound choice for some break for people on their honeymoon.

Roads in Madagascar vary according to the season most National Roads are tarmac surfaced all weather roads, however, many of our itineraries will travel over graded dirt roads which are very good in dry season but can get bumpy after rains.

The table below shows the distances between Antananarivo and major cities and should prove to be useful if you are considering hiring a rental car to tour Madagascar.

Location City Distance From Antananarivo Road Condition
North Maevatanana 329km (204Miles) Good Road
Majunga 570km (355Miles) Good Road
Port Bergé 467km (290Miles) Good Road
Antsohihy 597km (371Miles) Good Road
Ambanja 790km (491Miles) Good Road
Antsiranana( Diego Suarez) 1,208km (751Miles) Good Road
South Antsirabe 170km (106Miles) Good Road
Ambositra 259km (161Miles) Good Road
Fianarantsoa 410km (255Miles) Good Road
Ambalavao 466km (290Miles) Good Road
Ihosy 616km (383Miles) Good Road
Ranohira 707km (440Miles) Good Road
Toliara 950km (590Miles) Good Road
Ifaty 975km (606Miles) Good Road
Betroka 748km (465Miles) Good Road ,25km Sandy Road
Ambovombe 998km (620Miles) Good Road until Ihosy then bad Road
Amboasary 1,033km (642Miles) Good Road until Ihosy then bad Road
Fort -Dauphin 1,240km (770Miles) Good Road until Ihosy then bad Road
East Moramanga 157km (94Miles) Good Road
Brickaville 266km (159Miles) Good Road
Toamasina (Tamatave) 365km (227Miles) Good Road
Foulpointe 425km (264Miles) Good Road
Mahambo 455km (282Miles) Good Road
Fenoarivo-Est 471km (291Miles) Good Road
Soanierana-Ivongo 529km (327Miles) Good Road
West Miandrivazo 390km (241Miles) Good Road
Morondava 768km (477Miles) Good Road
South Eastern Vatomandry 330km (204Miles) Good Road
Mahanoro 400km (247Miles) Good Road
Mananjary 553km (344Miles) Good Road
Manakara 588km (365Miles) Good Road
Farafangana 697km (433Miles) Good Road
Vangaindrano 772km (479Miles) Good Road
Fort-Dauphin 1,002km (621Miles) Good Road until Vangaindrano then bad Road
Sedan car or Saloon Car 05-10 Days 04 seats include Driver 40€/days
10-20 Days 35€/days
> 20 Days 32€/days
Mini Bus 05-10 Days 08 seats include Driver 55€/days
10-20 days 50€/days
> 20 days 45€/days
Executive Coaches > 05 days 20 seats include Driver 80€/days
4WD 05-10Days 06 seats include Driver 75€/days
10-20 Days 65€/days
> 20 Days 60€/days


- The price is subject to change without prior notice.

- This transfer is organized without assistance of tour guide